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Children’s Dentistry

children's dentistry

Children’s Dentistry

Here at Mordialloc Dental Group, we believe that teaching children good dental habits from an early age is vitally important. Maintaining regular dental visits early in a child’s life will help them realise the importance of looking after their teeth and encourage familiarity with routine dental procedures. It will also help avoid your child needing any dental intervention at an early age due to decayed or aching teeth. We encourage children’s examinations from 12 months and recommend bringing your children in when you book your dental check-up to build reassurance and familiarity.

Your child’s dental examination will include a dental exam, counting and checking their teeth to look for any dental decay. We also perform an initial orthodontic assessment. A children’s dental exam may also include screening X-rays, a dental clean and polish, fluoride treatment, oral hygiene instruction and placement of preventive fissure sealants.

At Mordialloc Dental, we take an empathic approach to both parents and children and explain the procedure of the check-up before it happens in language that your child can understand. We’ll pause if the child signals that they need a break and we’ll give plenty of praise and encouragement to ensure your child’s dental experience is a pleasant one.


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